At Home Nutrient Testing

Track your nutrition levels at home with a single drop of blood. The Amina Bio brings lab quality test results straight to you.  

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Easy Monitoring & Fast Feedback

When you complete a test, your results are displayed on the device's screen and sent to the app.

Track your levels over time to manage your condition and ensure your supplements are working.

Learn which foods / supplements are working best for you, based on what your blood is telling you.

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Customized Solutions

Receive customized dietary solutions for you based on your most recent test results and your physical parameters like age, sex, height, and weight.

No more deciphering lab tests, no more confused trips to the pharmacy. Get exactly what you need and only what you need. We are just as happy to tell you if you if don't need any supplement adjustments. 

Our goal is to empower everyone to be able to understand how their day-to-day choices are impacting the most fundamental unit of their health - their blood chemistry.